PROVEN entered a Two-Million-dollar partnership with Food for the Poor (FFPJ) to build 4 homes. Two families have already received their keys. The first family resides in St. Elizabeth and the Thirteen persons occupied the dilapidated unit benefited. Miss Jones, her four daughters and nine grandchildren all previously lived in this 2-bedroom shack that was originally the home of her parents. The wooden structure was being eaten by termites and other insects; the flooring was badly cracked, and the roof was unable to adequately shield the family from the elements.

he second recipient is Mr. Lloyd Issacs who was living in a deteriorating building rented a single room using money he received from his PATH payments and because of how terrible the living arrangement are his care giver had found other accommodation.

Both families are now rejoicing as they have brand-new homes for Christmas and PROVEN is pleased to have facilitated this. Kingston chapter will be next! At PROVEN we will continue to deliver on our mandate of success and performance; whilst we develop the community in which we serve and contribute to Jamaica’s Development on a whole.

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