A PROVEN Send Off for Phenomenal Chorvelle

Classic. Heartwarming. Fun.

These words described last Friday evening as the PROVEN Group bid farewell to its first female President and CEO Chorvelle Johnson.

In an evening honoring the prowess and grace of Johnson, who rose to the chief post seven years ago, invitees included Johnson’s friends, family and business associates reminisced on memorable moments with the PROVEN boss over cocktails at the Terra Nova.

Committed and Hard-Working

Hosted by Lisa Gomes, the chair for PROVEN Wealth Limited and PROVEN Fund Managers Limited, Johnson was commended on her ability to balance life, grow the bottom line and have excellent relations with her staff. PROVEN Management Limited President & CEO, Chris Williams, praised Chorvelle for having a spirit of excellence being focused on excellent results.

Ryan Reid, General Manager of PROVEN Wealth Limited had similar sentiments, “most will agree that Chorvelle is an exemplary professional (and) a sensitive and caring human being this is based on nurture” segueing to a recognition of her parents. “Go forth and shine; the only thing we envy about that new company is the fact that they have you”

Phenomenal Woman

Introduced after a serenade by saxophonist Vincent Ricketts to ‘strength of a woman’, Johnson, responded to the glowing tributes stating “this was the toughest decision I think I’ve had to make in my career but when God calls you on a mission, you have to go; I love my team – they are the best team in the industry bar none, so Johann, Chris and my board, please take care of them; It has been a journey but it feels like the start of a journey who knows what the future may hold? I can, I will; stay tuned, mi just a come”

In a symbolic handover of the company, smiling yet tear-eyed Chorvelle gave an oversized key-set bearing the company name to interim President and CEO Johann Heaven charging him to continue to take great care of ‘the best team in the industry’.

Johnson expressed full confidence in Heaven’s ability to continue with business as usual.

As a tribute to the amazing work done, Johnson, who is also the Women’s Leadership Initiative (WLI) chair was presented with a one-of-a-kind Richard Hall painting.

Johnson charged the team at PROVEN to “keep looking out for the others”, closing the evening on a high.

Here are a few highlights.


1) All in The Family

Family means everything to Johnson and Friday night was no exception; here she sits surrounded by her support unit (L-R) Bryan Aikman, Catherine Johnson, CV Johnson, Carlton Johnson, Carolien Aikman, Christine Spence, and Vaughn Cunningham.


2) The PROVEN Team

The Board of Directors and Head of PROVEN show their support for the first female President and CEO of at the recent send-off held at the Terra-Nova. Seen in the picture are (L-R) Johann Williams (Interim President and CEO of PROVEN Wealth Limited and PROVEN Fund Managers Limited, Board Member John ‘Mitchie’ Bell, Lisa Gomes (Chair, PROVEN Wealth Limited and PROVEN Fund Managers Limited,), Board Member Marcus Steele  and Chris Williams (President and CEO of PROVEN Management Limited) Limited),



3)  The Stars of PROVEN

Johnson is known to be very close with staff; she smiles with a few members of her management and treasury team at Friday’s send-off at the Terra Nova. (L-R) Jhenelle Lawrence, Assistant Manager, Client Services, Paula Pusey, Trader, Melissa Spence, Head of Treasury and Investment, Selvin Mothersill, Head of Product and Sales Strategy, Aisha Barrett Head of Asset Management and Richard Gordon, General Manager, PROVEN Fund Managers Limited.



4) You’re The BEST

General Manager, PROVEN Wealth Limited points to Chorvelle and her family while celebrating her time at the Wealth Management firm. Johnson served as President and CEO since 2011 and was feted at a send off ceremony held at the Terra Nova Hotel.



5) An Elegant Gift for Chorvelle

As part of her send-off Chorvelle received an elegant Richard Hall painting, here President and CEO of PROVEN Wealth Limited and PROVEN Fund Managers Limited Johann Williams presents Johnson with the painting.



6) Parting is Sweet Sorrow

In his speech reminiscing on Chorvelle Williams noted that the day was bitter when he received her resignation but that she is one of if not the best in the business. Here Williams embraces Johnson after being serenaded with Strength of a Woman by  saxophonist Vincent Ricketts.



7) Beautiful Belinda

PROVEN’s Head of Marketing and Communications Belinda Williams dazzled in this off-the-shoulder black dress at the send-off of outgoing President and CEO of PROVEN Wealth Limited and PROVEN Fund Managers Limited Chorvelle Johnson. Williams served as MC for the event keeping the crowd informed during the short ceremony

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