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Reliable Educational Fees planning for Bermuda residents

The rising cost of education has made early planning and saving hugely important to being able to afford an education.

Education Planning

Reliable Educational Fees planning

The rising cost of education has made early planning and saving hugely important to being able to afford an education. Our mission at PROVEN is to offer our clients the opportunity to cater to their educational needs and those of their children.

Typical education-planning problems faced by our clients

The cost of quality education poses a dilemma for our clients around the world. Clients need to be adequately prepared for future costs and be assured of plans that reflect their financial status and allow them to prepare, with as little inconvenience as possible. Here are some of the challenges experienced by our clients:

How much do I have to set aside for my children’s education?

This would depend on your preferred choice of school, college or university for your children and the duration of the study. When you let us know your individual situation and plans for the education of your children and grandchildren, we’ll help you arrive at a figure that’s perfect for you.

Can I save monthly for education fees?

We will put together an all-inclusive, tailored education savings plan designed to match your individual situation. Contributions can be made monthly, quarterly, bi-annually and annually. We can provide an extensive array of savings opportunities such as investments and savings plans based on your requirements for your children and the timeframe.

Can I alter my education savings plan?

At PROVEN Wealth, we offer flexible education savings plans tailored to your circumstances, and in line with our service we carry out frequent assessments and reviews to ensure you are still getting the best from your savings plans.

Our education planning method

The four steps we take in our education planning process are:

Getting acquainted with you

To give you the best advice possible, we need to learn more about you and your family. At this stage, we’ll ask you to provide information about your current financial situation, information about your expected education fees requirements, if not known we can assist with calculating these expected numbers.

Proposing an actionable plan

We will then research your options for you by putting our expiertise in savings and investment to work to provide you with our personal recommendation for your education savings scheme tailored to your situation and we will go through all the details with you.

Execute your plan

When you are ready to execute your plan, we’ll get started. We’ll complete all the essential paperwork and get your account fully operational.

Continual reviews

In addition, we also offer periodic reviews to make sure your plan is in alignment with your situation. Our professionals are always at the ready throughout the entire process.

A Well known author Alan Lakein once said

“Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now.”

We are committed to lightening the burden of responsibility associated with financing your children’s education and assure you of the utmost professionalism in handling your accounts, no matter what your timeline. We have been in this business for over 20 years and are in the best-possible position to help you realize your goals.


Can you recommend the best way to start saving for my children’s education?

When it comes to funding education, we believe it is best to start now. Income generally does not increase as fast as the education fees of your children and every day that passes is time that could see you safeguarding your children’s educational future.

Do I require any prior knowledge before investing?

Our team of dedicated professionals makes sure having no prior knowledge about investing is not a barrier to realizing your investment goals. All you have to do is focus on what matters most – your family.

Do I need to pay for a consultation?

No. We offer a complimentary consultation to all our clients to make sure they aren’t under any pressure when choosing their desired savings and investment options.

What is the minimum amount to get started?

Our regular savings options start from USD $300 per month. Once we know your current financial situation and your goals in terms of education fees, we will build your personalized savings plan on the back of that information.

What currencies can I contribute in?

What currencies can I contribute in?

How do I know I am saving enough?

Our team regularly reviews your circumstances and your savings plan to assist you in making sure you are doing enough to secure the future of your children’s education. We calculate the education fees likely to be required, take into account your timeframe to save, and an assumed target investment return to arrive at an affordable contribution schedule.

How do I know how my savings are doing?

We give regular updates on the status of your savings plan as well as provide online access. We know that the world around us is prone to changes, so our team of experts is on hand to advise accordingly. We have a strong support system that works with you every step of the way.

What happens if I leave Bermuda?

All of PROVEN Wealth’s savings plans can be operated and managed from anywhere in the world, so you can take your plans with you wherever you go.

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