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Trusted Education Fees Planning For Residents of the British Virgin Islands

The cost of education these days has led to people having to make plans to save over the long term to meet these growing costs.

Education Planning

Trusted education fee planning

The cost of education these days has led to people having to make plans to save over the long term to meet these growing costs. We know that the best education is important for your children, which is why PROVEN offers the best in savings options for financing the education of your children or grandchildren

Problems our clients encounter with education-planning

School fees are as regular as each term, session, or semester, so leaving funding education costs to when they actually occur feels like a huge burden and for many not affordable. The most recurrent problems our clients highlight where education planning is involved include:

How much do I need to save for my child’s education If I plan in advance?

This depends on your disposable income, where your child is like to study, how long your child’s education will take, and so on. We offer our expertise to help you figure out how much is sufficient.

Can I sign up for a monthly savings plan?

We offer a comprehensive package that suits your lifestyle and earning power. We boast of a broad spectrum of flexible savings options for you to choose from. Payment options are monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, bi-annually or annually.

Am I able to make changes to my savings plan if I need to?

Our education savings plans are flexible and adaptable to your situation and we provide frequent reassessments as part of our package so you know you are getting the best from your savings scheme.

Our education planning process

The four steps we take in our education planning process are:

Getting acquainted with you

To give you the best advice possible, we need to learn more about you and your family. At this stage, we’ll ask you to provide information about your current financial situation, information about your expected education fees requirements, if not known we can assist with calculating these expected numbers.

Proposing an actionable plan

We will then research your options for you by putting our expiertise in savings and investment to work to provide you with our personal recommendation for your education savings scheme tailored to your situation and we will go through all the details with you.

Execute your plan

When you are ready to execute your plan, we’ll get started. We’ll complete all the essential paperwork and get your account fully operational.

Continual reviews

In addition, we also offer periodic reviews to make sure your plan is in alignment with your situation. Our professionals are always at the ready throughout the entire process.

A Well known author Alan Lakein once said

“Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now.”

We recognise that saving to improve your children’s or grandchildren’s future may cause anxiety, especially when you are unsure of which direction to take.

To help you, our skilled specialists offer top-class financial advice adapted to your needs. We collaborate with you to produce a meticulous savings plan that will make sure you maximise your children’s education, and your financial resources.


What’s the best way for me to save for my children’s education?

We believe the right approach is to start as soon as possible. We are ready to help you take that first step and give your children the future they deserve.

How will I know whether I’m saving enough?

At PROVEN Wealth, we make assessments of your objectives and how your savings plan can meet them within the stipulated time. This support is part of our ongoing service to make sure you succeed with your savings plan.

Do I need to know anything about financial markets or investing?

Our team of experts handles the business end of things. All you have to do is focus on family – we’ll handle the financial matters.

Is there a fee for our initial meeting?

No, our initial meeting is complimentary.

How much money do I need to start?

Our minimum education fees savings plans start from USD $300 pm, but the level of investment required to meet your goals will vary depending on the education requirements

What happens if I choose to leave the British Virgin Islands?

You can take your education fees savings plan with you anywhere in the world. Temporary or permanent relocation does not pose a problem for your funds’ accessibility or operation.

Which currencies do you accept?

Our recommended plans accept US dollar (USD), Euro (EUR) and Pound Sterling (GBP).

Will I get regular updates on how my savings plan is performing?

Yes, you will receive regular updates, and we also make periodic recommendations if we feel that there is a better or stronger option available to you. You will also have online access.

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