Cybercrime – The New Organized Crime

By: Christopher Morgan, IT Manager Posted:

Criminals today no longer commit their criminal acts in person. They stay behind computers and commit these acts from anywhere in the world.

Cybercrime is any criminal activity that either targets or uses a computer or network devices to commit illegal activities, such as financial fraud, identify theft, and various forms of cyber-attacks. Cybercrime is at an all-time high as the use of computers and the internet has become more central to commerce, entertainment and the government. A cybercriminal may use a device to access personal or company information, or spread malware and malicious material.

The most common cybercrime attacks are:

Malware: – malicious software developed by cyber attackers to infect a computer system or network causing damage or to allow data theft.

Ransomware: – a form of malware that encrypts victims’ data. The attacker then demands payment from the victim to regain access to the data.

Phishing: – cybercriminals send emails with the intention of tricking the recipient into doing something that undermines their security or organization’s security. Emails usually contain malware or links to malicious websites.

Distributed Denial-of-service (DDoS):- a malicious attempt to bring down a system or network by overwhelming the respective system or network with requests.

SQL Injection: means by which an attacker can exploit a vulnerability to take control of the victims’ database

Zero-day exploits: vulnerabilities in software that remain to be fixed.

Every business today is dependent on information and are vulnerable to one or more of these types of cyberattacks. Millions of people worldwide are victims of cybercrime so how can we protect ourselves?

  • Keep software updated – operating systems and anti-virus
  • Enable multi-factor authentication
  • Scrutinize email and links before clicking
  • For companies, institute a cyber-security awareness training program for employees
  • Backup your data to reduce damage in case of an attack

Fighting cybercrime is everybody’s business. If you connect, you must protect! Review our privacy policy