Paul Ebanks, Committed to Community Development

He is always looking for opportunities in which he can give back in a tangible and more meaningful way – sure he kept events and yes, he was on call to be a listening ear and is readily on hand to do work in his community, but when Paul Ebanks, Branch Manager for PROVEN Mandeville heard of the One Drop Donation, he thought of how he could help his community’s primary school and to bridge the gap to provide material for those still without in the new school year.

Ebanks, a popular member in his Junction community saw the need for additional support and, after a successful donation in August from all PROVEN branches that included clients, other corporate sponsors and staff, got what he needed to support the Ballard’s Valley Primary School.

“I really thought it was a good initiative to partner with the blood bank – the fact is that they are always in need of blood especially in the summer and the fact that we extended our giving to include school supplies and canned items were perfect!”

Smiling Faces

Last Thursday, Ebanks beamed with joy as he surprised the students with school supplies. Known as a community that has over the years performed exceptionally well in sports and academics, the current principal, Crosdale Mitchell was both surprised and thankful for the support.

Said Mitchell “Wow, thank you for the thoughtful supplies that you have brought to us; you can rest assured that it will be used appropriately for the upliftment of our education system, we can only hope (that) this will become one of the many more visits you intend to pursue and look forward to a continued partnership.  I cannot thank PROVEN enough for being a partner in education.”

Ebanks, known for his continuous assistance in his community will also be on hand to deliver donations of canned items to a shelter in the parish as part of the One Drop Summer Donation. The inaugural Donation brought in supplies which will be given to schools and shelters in Montego Bay and Kingston.


Paul Ebanks (L), PROVEN Wealth Mandeville Branch Manager surrounded by Grade 6 students of the Ballad’s Valley Primary School. Standing with the students is the principal of the School Mr. Crosdale Mitchell.

Belinda Williams, Head of Marketing, PROVEN Fund Managers Limited is flanked by Ralston Ricketts (left), Grade 6 teacher of the Ballard’s Valley Primary school and Donomar Waits, Math Coach to assist in handing out school supplies during a handing over exercise last week.

PROVEN’s Head of Marketing Belinda Williams is flanked by students of the Ballard’s Valley Primary school, thankful for school supplies they received to prepare for their upcoming Grade Six Achievement


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