PROVEN donates to Charlie Smith High School

PROVEN continues to support the communities in which we operate by strategically donating to projects and initiatives that will bring about meaningful growth in the Jamaican society.   

The pandemic has adversely affected many institutions, businesses and schools alike, especially students enrolled in inner-city schools. The lack of resources such as computers, tablets and internet has made it extremely difficult for students to participate in the distant learning programs instituted by their schools.

As an advocate of youth and educational development, we have always participated in initiatives geared towards creating a brighter future of the upcoming generation. As a result,  we felt the compelled to honor a request from the Charlie Smith High School whose aim is to create a brighter path for their students, by ensuring that they have the tools and resources needed for continued learning during this pandemic. The school has been conducting classes remotely since the start of new academic year.

PROVEN Wealth donated tablets to the institution, which will allow students to have access School’s online resources. This contribution in kind, not only tangibly delivers on our corporate social responsibility mandate but falls into our vison for the development and growth of our nation. PROVEN Wealth will continue to support educational developments in any way possible.

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