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Proven J-Trader Account

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PROVEN Global Trading

Clients who are desirous of establishing a PGT account must satisfy the following conditions:


 Sign a PROVEN Global Trading Agreement

  Clients will have to log in online to the PGT platform

 Fund their PGT Account through PWL

  A client will be able to trade directly on the PGT Platform or mobile app or they can also instruct PWL to trade on their behalf.

PROVEN Global Trading allows clients to perform a wide range of tasks.

Clients will have the convenience of 24 hours access amongst other benefits.


New Client

Existing Client

Benefits of PROVEN Global Trading (PGT).


Holdings at other international brokers can be transferred to the PGT account using the online platform or mobile app.

Low Trading Fees

Trading of international equities on PGT will be based on:

  • Minimum per trade: US$25
  • Minimum per share: US$0.10
  • Maximum per trade: 2% of the Value of the Trade

Expanded Market Access

  • Real-time access to select stock exchanges (US, Canadian and London).
  • Provision of buy/sell recommendations for international equities.


Real-time access to your accounts and Reports

  • Ability to view, trade, generate reports and perform analysis on accounts.

You will be notified of:

  • Dividend payments
  • Company announcements
  • Trading confirmation
  • Account activity
  • Stock watchlist activity and predefined alerts

Improved Convenience and access

  • Access online trading portal via mobile
  • Handy Trader App on the Google Play or Apple Stores