PROVEN Plus Performs for Clients

When PROVEN Plus was launched to the market last year Ryan Reid AVP- Wealth Management PROVEN Wealth Limited posited that “Clients are demanding more innovative and structured products and PROVEN Plus meets that need and is ideal for the sophisticated investor.”  Fast forward one year later and the question is – Has PROVEN Plus met the expectations?


PROVEN Plus delivered on the expectation and has provided clients with an 8.1% yield year to date.  The clients’ feedback regarding the product is encouraging and Reid sums it up in two ways:


  1. Our clients continue to collectively indicate their extreme satisfaction with the impressive returns they enjoy year to date.


  1. They have expressed confidence and comfort in the expertise and competence of the team of advisors and researchers who understand and deliver on their personal investment objectives.


Their demand now is that we continue to deliver and surpass in this regard.


At a recent cocktails and conversation at PORSCHE Kingston to update clients on the performance of the portfolio; the PROVEN team aligned high performance automotive with high performance investments. Richard Gordon, PROVEN AVP Asset Management outlines the product’s performance “This product aims to give clients the type of diversification needed given the uncertainty in the markets. A major advantage is the speed within which strategies can be adjusted to take advantage of opportunities as they are presented. Our experienced team affords that.


Last year we revamped the product and it generated returns of just under 10% (in USD terms) and the expectation is that we will deliver the same this year.” Gordon stated.


Chorvelle Johnson, President and CEO of PROVEN Wealth Limited and PROVEN Fund Managers Limited remains an ardent advocate for the development of sound investors who are focused on realizing their goals.  “We have a role to play in improving and guiding our Clients through their wealth trajectory.  It is my vision that this product and all solutions we present to clients, must support a positive alignment with our Clients’ needs.   They should always be educated and knowledgeable about options to build wealth not only for today but for the future.” Johnson articulates.  She also encourages potential Clients to come in and discuss their plans with our Wealth Advisors.


PROVEN plus delivers:  Melissa Spence, Head of Treasury is flanked by Ryan Reid (L), General Manager PROVEN Wealth Limited and Richard Gordon (R) General Manager, PROVEN Fund Managers Limited at the recently held Cocktails and Conversations at Porsche. The PROVEN Plus portfolio since its launch in 2016 has yielded a growth of 8.1% for its investors.


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