PROVEN Wealth donates to regional Hospitals

Although national vaccination efforts have begun, the healthcare sector is still being stressed, because of the inherent demand generated by COVID-19 and the various strains of the virus.

In the previous months, we have seen a significant increase in the hospitalization of COVID- 19 Patients, which resulted in a higher demand for medical supplies. The team at PROVEN recognizes the critical importance of these items and provided support to Cornwall Regional and Mandeville Regional Hospitals by way of donation in kind.  These items included: masks, cleaning agents, hand towels, and other essential items.

On receipt of these donations, both CEOs expressed their gratitude to the PROVEN Wealth Team.  “The Cornwall Regional Hospital is extremely grateful for the donation which will help us to continue to maintain good infection control standards which are critical at this time. Thank you PROVEN.”- Charmaine Beckford, CEO of Cornwall Regional.

“This could have not come at a better time, especially given the overcrowded nature of the hospital due to the virus.”-Alwyn Miller, CEO of Mandeville Regional.

This COVID- 19 response aligns with PROVEN Wealth’s social mandate in contributing to community development through meaningfully supporting health needs.  It is one of the numerous ways in which PROVEN Wealth and its members give back. “Upon receiving the call from Mr. Miller, regarding the needs of the hospital. We coordinated with regional supplier Neil’s Bulk Chemicals to provide some of the much-needed supplies. We understood the need and I am proud to be a part of an organization that stands ready to assist when possible. I would implore all companies in corporate Jamaica to pitch in as much as they can to alleviate the strain on the hospitals and our health system as we continue to navigate this pandemic.”- Paul Ebanks, Branch Manager -Mandeville

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