PROVEN Wealth Partners with 876CrossFit

PROVEN Wealth Limited, has formed a partnership with local fitness brand 876Crossfit. The alliance focuses on the purchase of new equipment to bolster training in the hopes of someday competing in the World CrossFit Games; whilst delivering a viable option for the wellness community to build power and strength and keep fit.

At a recent Agreement signing at the CrossFit training facility on Barbican Road, President, and CEO of PROVEN Wealth Limited and PROVEN Fund Managers Limited, Johann Heaven noted the significance, stating PROVEN’s belief in wellness as part of the overall preservation of wealth.

“PROVEN prides itself on performance and success. We also believe that to achieve overall wealth, your wellness is a priority and should be managed and maintained with intensity. The CrossFit community’s consistency and focus in this regard align with our core value and is to be supported.” Heaven stated.

The fastest growing exercise globally consisting of over 14,500 boxes (common name for the training centers) in more than 120 countries, Jamaica has one of two CrossFit Boxes. Since 2016, members have competed in varying fitness competitions for increased exposure to others within the competitive field. Several are part of the defending team for the local Guardsman Games.

“In little over a year, 876CrossFit has participated in local and regional fitness competitions showcasing the strength and power of individuals as they benefit from this training regime. In that time, we have also doubled floor space to meet the increased demand” said Lyons.

The future value of this partnership will also see loyalty options for PROVEN’s stakeholders to assist in their fitness journey. As the training focuses on constantly varied functional fitness, anyone at any age can become fit.

The equipment being procured is aimed at improving opportunities for competition and will increase the operational efficiency of the facility increasing the team’s ability to qualify for the CrossFit games.

A PROVEN Fit –  Johann Heaven (left), president and CEO, PROVEN Wealth Limited and PROVEN Fund Managers Limited, shakes hands with Dr. Jair Lyons, Managing Director, and 876Crossfit head coach, at the recent partnership agreement.  The alliance will see 876CrossFit benefiting from new equipment to improve operational efficiency in hopes of qualifying for the CrossFit


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