We design to suit your investment goals.

The PROVEN Wealth suite of Unit Trust funds are expertly managed portfolios tailor-made to suit the investment goals and risk appetite of our investors. The Unit Trust funds are designed with exceptional care to specifically allow our clients the choice to further diversify their investment portfolios and earn attractive returns on both JMD and USD Investments over the medium to long term.

Benefits Include:

  • Professional Management
  • Diversification
  • Flexibility
  • Liquidity
  • Capital Preservation

The PROVEN Wealth Limited Funds comprise

PROVEN Select Fund

The PROVEN Select Fund consists of both USD and JMD portfolios geared towards attractive returns and diversification through a variety of financial assets. The fund is comprised of four (4) portfolios:

  • PROVEN Select Money Market Fund (USD & JMD)
  • PROVEN Select Fixed Income Fund (USD)
  • PROVEN Select Equity Fund (JMD)

*An initial investment of J$200,000 and US$2,000.
(For JMD and USD portfolios respectively)

*Subsequent Investment – J$10,000 or US$100.
(For JMD and USD portfolios respectively)

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PROVEN Select Money Market Fund

Professionally managed portfolio designed to provide capital preservation and liquidity.

The Portfolio invests in:

  • Repurchase agreements
  • Short and medium-term Government of Jamaica and Bank of Jamaica securities
  • Commercial papers & Investment Grade Securities

PROVEN Select Fixed Income Fund (USD)

Professionally managed portfolio designed to provide long-term capital growth through appreciation and interest income.

The Portfolio invests in:

  • Medium and long term Government of Jamaica and other sovereign bonds
  • Medium and long term Investment-grade corporate bonds
  • Repurchase agreements

PROVEN Select Equity Fund (JMD)

Professionally managed equity portfolio designed to provide above average long-term capital growth.

The Portfolio invests in:

  • Jamaica Stock Exchange-listed equities on both the main and junior market.
  • Equities listed on Regional exchanges.
  • Equities listed any other recognized stock exchange subject to the foreign exchange restrictions.

PROVEN Non-Diversified Fund

The PROVEN Non-Diversified Fund offers a suite of managed portfolios designed primarily for medium to long term investment. The PROVEN Non-Diversified Fund is comprised of two (2) JMD portfolios:

  • PROVEN High Yield Fund (JMD)
  • PROVEN Real Estate Fund (JMD)

*An initial investment of J$ 200,000 and J$ 500,000 respectively.

*Subsequent Investment of J$ 50,000.00 and J$ 100,000.00 respectively.

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PROVEN High Yield Fund (JMD)

Professionally managed long-term portfolio designed to provide above-average risk-adjusted fixed income returns.

The Portfolio invests in:

  • Medium to long term corporate bonds
  • Corporate Loans
  • Government Fixed income
  • Preference shares
  • Private Debt transactions

PROVEN Real Estate Fund (JMD)

Professionally managed portfolio designed to give direct exposure to real estate assets and provide returns commensurate with investing in the real estate market.

The Portfolio invests in:

  • Real estate properties
  • Real estate unit trusts
  • Other Real Estate linked investments

Portfolio Name Fund Composition Price/Nav ($) 12 Month Growth Rate YTD Growth Rate Yield (Estimated Annual Income)
PROVEN REAL ESTATE FUNDR/F127.2219.91%7.66%5.23%
PROVEN HIGH YIELD FUNDF117.8515.62%2.02%8.42%

The Unit Trust rates were last updated on: May 13, 2022.

LEGEND: E-Equity | F-Fixed Income | R–Real Estate