Investment Banking

Our Corporate Finance team has a proven track record of assisting our clients in both the public and private sectors to structure and raise funding through either debt or equity financing. We believe in creating value for our clients. Over the years, we have partnered with some of the biggest companies across the Caribbean, providing creative financing solutions to help expand their businesses. 

  • Equity Capital Markets Solutions
    We provide the full range of equity financing services that will meet the needs of our clients. This includes origination, execution of Initial Public Offerings on the Jamaica Stock Exchange, private equity transactions, rights issues and other equity-linked solutions.   
  • Debt Capital Markets Solutions

    We provide a comprehensive range of solutions for clients including public and private debt offerings, debt underwriting, guarantees, bid bonds, Letters of Undertaking, Mobilization bonds, Letter of Credit and Performance Bonds. Our solutions range from plain vanilla debt offerings to more unique and complex structures suitable to the needs of each client.