Retirement Planning

  • Pension Fund Investment Management and Administration Proven Wealth Limited is licensed and regulated by the Financial Services Commission (FSC) as a Pension Fund Administrator and Investment Manager. With almost two decades of experience in the Pension Fund Management and administration business, we are one of the largest Pension Fund management companies in the industry and ably equipped to meet the retirement needs of your team members.
  • What differentiates us as an Investment Manager?
    • We have a team of qualified and experienced investment professionals who are dedicated to providing stellar investment returns. 
    • A team that continuously monitors the capital markets to make tactical and strategic portfolio management decisions to drive performance over the medium term. 
    • An investment structure which allows for prudent evaluation and in-depth research into a wide range of investment opportunities.
  • What differentiates us as a Pension Administrator?
    We pride ourselves as a team of professionals who are experienced, client focused and simply committed to excellence in service. With the Trustees and members of our plans at the core of any formal pension arrangement, our commitment is to always be “client focused”, ensuring that members are adequately informed about their pension benefits. We provide:

    • Personalized informational sessions for Trustees and Human Resource Team of the Sponsor Company
    • Individualized retirement counselling for all Members 
    • Strong focus on member education and ensuring members are provided with timely information regarding Pensions and retirement planning. 


  • PROVEN Rock Approved Retirement SchemeHaving a plan for your retirement can better prepare you to reach your goals.PROVEN Rock Approved Retirement Scheme is a private pension arrangement which creates an opportunity for individuals who are not active members of a Superannuation Fund to formally save for retirement. It allows members to make tax-deductible contributions of up to 20% of their annual income to the scheme. These contributions are invested and accumulate as tax deferred earnings towards providing a pension at retirement.
  • How do I become a member?
    In order to be eligible for membership in the PROVEN Rock Approved Retirement Scheme you must be compliant with the following:A Jamaican resident between the ages of 18 and 69 years and fall in one of the following categories:

    • Be self-employed, or employed in a non-pensionable post, or do not otherwise contribute to an Approved Superannuation Fund or another Approved Retirement Scheme
    • On termination of employment, you have elected to transfer your pension benefits from an Approved Superannuation Fund to the Scheme.
    • Elected to transfer your pension benefits from another Approved Retirement Scheme to the PROVEN Rock Approved Retirement Scheme.