For decades, we have worked with individuals, families, businesses and institutions to deliver services and solutions that help to build, preserve and manage wealth.

We will help you pursue your wealth management objectives, by assessing your objectives and risk profile to create a suitable portfolio in line with your needs, through access to the wide suite of investment solutions offered by the company.

You have investment goals and our Wealth Advisors can help you reach them.


Repurchase Agreements

If your financial goals include capital preservation and liquidity, then Repurchase Agreements (REPOS) may be right for you.

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A REPO is a contract between you and PROVEN Wealth Limited. It is a convenient and secure investment which is backed by securities typically issued by the Bank of Jamaica and the Government of Jamaica.


  • Tenure offerings of 90, 180 & 365 days in both JMD and USD Currencies
  • Highly liquid
  • Interest is calculated daily and paid at maturity
  • Capital preservation

Minimum investment – J$5,000,000 or US$10,000.

*Product features and tenure may change from time to time without notice.


PROVEN Wealth Limited specialises in the trading of local, regional and global, sovereign and corporate bonds for clients who expect attractive fixed income returns over the medium to long term.

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A bond is a debt instrument which is either issued by a company or a government to the public with a promise to pay interest during the tenure of the bond and your principal upon maturity.

Bonds are a good option for the investor who is seeking higher returns over the medium to long term.

There are two types of bonds:

  • Corporate Bonds: issued by companies seeking to raise capital for their business, the liability for repayment to you the investor lies with the company and its ability to repay the debt.
  • Sovereign Bonds: issued by Governments seeking to raise funds for varying reasons, usually budget related. The risk and liability belong to the government who issue the bond.

PROVEN Wealth Limited will assist you to structure your bond portfolio in line with your investment goals and risk appetite.

Minimum Investment – USD$20,000

*conditions apply

Stock Brokerage

If you want to buy or sell stocks of companies listed on the local, regional or international stock exchanges, then PROVEN Wealth Limited is your broker of choice!

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Stocks or equities can be considered as a shared ownership in a company that is given to the investor when the company decides to go “public”. This means, that once you have decided on which stock to purchase, you will become a part owner of that company and receive dividend income commensurate with your total allotment of shares.

Here at PROVEN we will provide you with comprehensive research and analysis to assist you in choosing your stock options and building an equities portfolio that is ideal for you.

Structured Notes

PROVEN Wealth Limited offers Structured Notes in both Jamaican and US currencies. These notes are usually short to medium term and provide our clients with competitive investment returns.

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Structured notes offer innovative and flexible investment options that suit a wide range of investors. The notes are tailor made for investors who want to diversify their portfolios with lower risk products that also offer the opportunity to realise higher returns than interest rates in the market.

Minimum Investment – JMD$10,000,000 and USD$100,000.

*Conditions apply

Unit Trusts

The PROVEN Select Fund offers a suite of Unit Trust Portfolios designed specifically to allow our clients to further diversify their portfolios and earn attractive returns on both JMD and USD Investments.